Saturday, March 23, 2013

Nothing Is Impossible

I saw something on Twitter that led me to a blog post about "Nothing" where physicists and thinkers came together recently to debate the concept of nothing at the American Museum of Natural History.  While each presented their own theories of the state of nothing as it could be described by mathematics, and quantum physics I believe three words sum it up well.

Nothing Is Impossible

This statement has two meanings which is why I like it.  "Nothing" as a concept is literally impossible because it will always be "something".  In order for us as humans to conceive of something is has to become something we can relate to. An empty box for example can be said to have "Nothing" in it but is that true? It is still made up of matter, has air inside and cannot in truth be called Nothing.  Even in a vacuum the empty space is still just that space and a vacuum.  Nothing is an idea and as an idea it becomes something.

The second part of the statement is the possibility that if Nothing is Impossible then to balance that we must consider that Everything is Possible

“Everything is possible. The impossible just takes longer.”- Dan Brown

We live in a world of unending possibilities limited only by our imaginations. This is an exciting idea that we can see in the world if we have the eyes for it.  Look at the amazing variety of life on our planet in its diversity and possibility and eventually you will come to the realization of the true magic of life's possibilities.

I leave you with the song Nothing Is Impossible by the Planetshakers. When I first heard the song I heard the lyrics as "Screw you I can do anything" but apparently the line is "Through you I can do anything." I think someone should release a variation with this lyric change.


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  1. Love the double meaning behind "Nothing is Impossible" and I love that song too! I didn't think it was screw you but that's funny! When my kids say I'm not doing anything, I tell them it's impossible to do nothing. You are always doing something: breathing, pumping blood, etc.

    Stopping by to say thanks for joining the blogathon!